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Joey Lee

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(Him:Mav Her:Joey) Best friends- married since 2016, absolutely obsessed with each other. We’ve been fucking, pretty much, every day (at least once) since we met, and sex has just continued getting better and better. In 2020 we quit “normal jobs” and dove into doing what we love for a living… each other. And now…here we are. 😊 I used to joke around saying “I can’t put ‘gives great head’ in my list of talents on a job application lol”…and now I really be sucking my mans dick and calling it “my job” lmao. Mav and I used to fuck in our car during breaks at work, and now our car fuck videos go viral. I love it here. Sucking dick, getting my pierced pussy licked, giving it to my man in his ass, taking my man’s dick in my ass, CREAMPIES, large assortment of positions (I’m a flexible show off), so much squirting, lingerie- the normal every day type stuff 😉😉 Subscribe! New PornHub video every Sunday! More content more often on OnlyFans! @chasingjoeylee IG: @goodgirljoeylee X: @chasingjoeylee

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