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Nova Starr

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Hey everyone! My name is Nova! Ive always liked filming my sex but only about a year ago did I decide to go Public and I absolutely LOVE it!. 32+ Million views, all thanks to you guys. I absolutely love all the Love & support and all the comments GOOD or BAD, I always get a kick out of all of it!! I’m newly single and am enjoying my freedom so much! For those of you who have been following for a while, and to those of you who are new here, strap yourselves in because this is going to be one hot, wet, sexy hell of a year!! I’m going all out and giving you guys some great content. Things are about to get WILD so keep an eye out for weekly videos. I love any type of Taboo role play so don't be afraid to ask for any type of custom video I am sure Ill have a blast making it... I make Custom wigs and love to dress up. SO my videos are made and edited by me. Since I just started, it will get better I promise!!! Thanks so much for all the support I LOVE YOU!!

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