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Carmela Clutch

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From their Pornhub bio:
Hey there, I'm Carmela Clutch. My friends joke that I’m kind of like your friendly Latina horny homegirl... who eventually started doing porn! I started my porn career the summer of 2019 and it has been nonstop filming of my hoe-nanigans ever since! I really enjoy my lifestyle, what I do, and what I have managed to contribute to the industry thus far. I'm an all natural Afro-Latina by way of Puerto Rican decent (that means I have a mixed ancestry- Native, Black & Spaniard). I always get Latina, but I am actually all three- and yes, my body naturally looks this way! (with a healthy lifestyle) I really enjoy pleasing my partners as you can probably tell and have been known to put my all in to my work. My fans have chosen to lovingly dub me the "queen of sweaty sex"... Follow along my sexual journey by subscribing to my PORNHUB channel and support me in all of my naughty slut-tivities.

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