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Tiffany Tatum

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Hello. Thank you for coming and welcome to my official page. My name is Tiffany Tatum. I was born in a little party town outside of Budapest Hungary. on August 14th. After finishing my school and working in a restaurant I started to realize who I really was. I got into the adult industry by complete luck but I have never regretted it and I totally love it and the people in it. Some of my favorite things to do outside of porn is reading books, playing the piano, cooking, gardening flowers, riding and horse jumping. My sensitivity is shown on the outside but I do have a strong and passionate side that is on the inside. In my videos you'll be able to see my real passions, creativity and sexuality. You will get to see me being myself, all my friends in this industry uncut and raw, as well as my personal vlog with all the BTS footage of me making my films for you. Please leave your comments and ideas so we can work together in creating some amazing content. ♥️

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