Trinity St Clair

Trinity St Clair

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From their Pornhub bio:
Hey everyone.. so who am I? I consider myself a sexual old soul. Im a small town country girl with a big city vibe. Im one girl who lives life to the fullest. I laugh often, smile all the time and enjoy good company. Im a feisty Italian but fun to be around. I have goals and a drive like no other. I'm the kind of woman who prefers flip flops to high heels, I'm the kind of woman who believes in the "live and let live" philosophy, what works for me doesn't work for everyone else nor should it. I'm the kind of woman who makes cookies just to eat a scoop or two of the raw dough but could care less about the cookies once there cooked .I'm the kind of woman who doesn't believe in black and white, Billy Joel had it right with the Shades of Grey lyrics. I'm the kind of woman who likes going to a wide open field in the country to have a bonfire with friends and than go to a crowded bar.

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